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2018 Antique Quilts

Antique Quilts – Display only, not judged. Entries must follow established Antique Quilt guidelines.

2018 Antique Quilt Entries

Owner Quilt Maker Quilt Name
Tricia MacDonald U n k n o w n Urns, Flowers and Birds
Kathie Jones U n k n o w n Unknown
Janice Mae Torres U n k n o w n Summer Top
Penny Snyder Virginia Linnell Flowers Attract Butterflies
Donna Skvarla U n k n o w n Silkie Doll Quilt
Billie McCoy Opal Dimmit Holmes Greenley Unknown
Peggy Strate U n k n o w n Unknown
Irene Garrett U n k n o w n Grandmother’s Flower Garden
Paulette Vickers U n k n o w n Butterflies

If the entry number of the quilt has a “J” following the number, the entry has been judged.