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December 2023 Newsletter

Happy December!  It's already starting to feel like the holidays!  This week I finished two doll quilts and I need to finish binding on a pink and cuddly minky backed quilt I am gifting to some sweet little girls this weekend.  I always enjoy gifting quilts!  I have been thinking a lot lately about what [...]

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November 2023 Newsletter

Happy November, the year sure feels like it’s going to be over soon. Everyone is probably starting to think about holiday plans and maybe working on sewing projects for gift giving. Lots of good info here this time about upcoming meeting programs and some things to be watching for regarding planning for the next show. [...]

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October 2023 Newsletter

All I can say is wow....what a fantastic show we put on!  The quilts were amazing, everyone is so creative and talented.  I came away so inspired to get sewing, and may have picked up fabric from our great vendors for a few projects.  What a lot of work it was by everyone to set [...]

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August 2023 Newsletter

Presidents Note - I’m looking forward to serving our guild as president in the coming year. We have several new members to get to know and our 2023 Quilt Show to present to the world (or at least the area that connects to the Silver Thread Byway). I’m anticipating the fun and productivity of our [...]

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May 2023 Newsletter

From the banks of Willow Creek, I noticed a charred piece of a blue and white China dish. It desperately cried out to me, as if it had a rich story to tell of a proper lady who innocently followed her husband into a landmine of primitive childbirths and unmerciful disasters and disease, leaving only [...]

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April 2023 Newsletter

Happy April! I've been seeing quilts used as inspiration in things everywhere lately. They are really having a popular moment it seems. I saw the cutest pair of kids tennis shoes with a pastel patchwork pattern at Target and sure wished they had them in my size! I got an email advertisement from Pottery Barn [...]

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