Creede & South Fork Colorado

May 2023 Newsletter

From the banks of Willow Creek, I noticed a charred piece of a blue and white China dish. It desperately cried out to me, as if it had a rich story to tell of a proper lady who innocently followed her husband into a landmine of primitive childbirths and unmerciful disasters and disease, leaving only [...]

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April 2023 Newsletter

Happy April! I've been seeing quilts used as inspiration in things everywhere lately. They are really having a popular moment it seems. I saw the cutest pair of kids tennis shoes with a pastel patchwork pattern at Target and sure wished they had them in my size! I got an email advertisement from Pottery Barn [...]

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December 2022 Newsletter

Happy December! Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that all your Christmas sewing projects are almost done! I have a Christmas quilt top finished and hope to get quilted and mailed out to a friend this week. Looking forward to getting my house decorated soon and pulling out all the old Christmas quilts [...]

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November 2022 Newsletter

Happy November! So many birthday's in the guild this month! I have seen some beautiful pics of the recent snow on the silver thread and it looks like perfect sewing weather.  Hope everyone is getting their holiday projects planned and started! I was on vacation a few weeks ago in New England with some friends [...]

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October 2022 Newsletter

Hello all! October is probably my favorite month of the year!  It finally starts to cool off here in Arizona and it brings my favorite holiday, Halloween!  My very first memories are all about Halloween.  Working and planning with my mom who would make me and my brother the most elaborate costumes ever! I also [...]

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