Hi Quilters,
What a great Quilt Show! It’s amazing what 44 people can do! I have gotten so many compliments on how wonderful and welcoming our guild is, as it showed in how we
treated and talked with our Quilt Show visitors. The party celebrating another successful Quilt Show was great fun at the September meeting.
Pictures for the quilt show are up on our website.
Charlotte Peacock, our continuing education chairperson, is working on scheduling programs and workshops for next summer (May – September) and is looking for input
on what you would like to see and attend. Attached is a list she has compiled with possibilities for classes that you can look into online along with a few other
suggestions that were added during the meeting. Email or call Charlotte with your preferences.
See you soon at Creede Baptist Church October 16, 2018!Beth

Click here to see the October 2018 Newsletter in its entirety.