Hello fellow quilters,
This message is to bring you up to date on decisions that have
been made about upcoming guild events. After several days and
many emails the executive board* with the help of Carolyn
Flood and Vi Koch have decided not to do the quilt raffle this
year. Additionally, we have agreed to postpone making a
decision about whether or not to have the quilt show until later in
the summer. Many ideas went into this decision making. We are
not sure if venues will be available for selling raffle tickets. We
do not want the quilt to be raffled without enough income to
cover its cost and provide us with money for community service.
We are delaying the decision about the show until we know more
about societal issues, whether people will come here this
summer, and an issue about construction at the community center. The vendors have been contacted
and they are ready to come if we have the show. If we choose to have the show, we might consider it as
a gift to the community following this challenging time.
In addition, the April guild meeting is canceled. The churches in our area are not having events in their
buildings at this time.
The world, our country, our local situations, and ourselves are living in an uncertain time and making
these decisions was difficult. My thanks to the ones who contributed their quick responses and
thoughtful ideas to this process.
Take care, be well, and keep quilting,

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