June 2017 Newsletter

Past President’s Comments
This is my last president comment and I want to tell you what an amazing group of
QUILTERS you are! You have had my back for the past two years and I could never
have handled this position without your support, work and caring. Together, we
accomplished so much to be proud of. All of the quilts, pillowcases, etc that we were
able to donate to various causes have happened because of your hard work. All of the
money we were able to donate to worthy causes happened because you tirelessly
helped sell raffle tickets for our beautiful raffle quilt. The 5-star meals we were
served at our meetings were so great. Our Quilt Show and Treasure Trove defied all
expectations because of your hard work! I commend all of you for your dedication to
the Silver Threads Quilt Guild.
Lastly, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of my Beautiful Log
Cabin Quilt. I love it more than you will ever know! I love Christmas and I love Log
Thank you all, Kathie

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