March is here and the weather can’t decide if it is winter or spring. Some days are warm and yet on other days the snow is still flying. The pandemic seems to be winding down for now
but world issues are now entering our thoughts and prayers. It is a perfect time to sit down at our sewing machines and focus on making a quilt to lighten our hearts.Under Anne Strong’s coordination, the guild will sponsor a beginning quilt class March 5th and 12th at the Creede Baptist Church beginning at 1 p.m. There are six people currently enrolled in the class. What a great opportunity to expose quilting to interested individuals. Who knows, we may gain some new members from this class.
The 2023 “Silver Thread Quilt Guild Amethyst Anniversary – a Gem of a Show” is actively in the planning stages. Tammie and her team are busy making plans. Watch for an e-mail later this month for show information.
For those in the Silver Thread area, hope to see you at either the beginning quilt classes or the guild meeting.
Happy Quilting –

Penny Snyder, Newsletter Editor

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