November is a great month to sit down and reflect on all the blessings and goodnesses we have to be thankful for. Often times we don’t take time to do that. We think about the what
if’s or the things that are problems or causing us worry or stress. No life is not perfect by any means but we all have many many things to be thankful for.

We had three new members join our guild recently. Monica Warren, Jeanne Noble, and Deborah Gooch. Deborah was a member prior to covid. Welcome to our guild. We look forward to seeing you at some of our activities.

It is so nice to know all the great things our guild is doing for others just recently. Donating quilts to Tu Casa and Home Lakes Veterans home. Donations of proceeds from the raffle
quilt to South Fork/Del Norte Food Bank, Creede Food Bank, and the Lake City Volunteer Fire Department. That is what makes this guild so special.

Anne Strong is looking for quilt show chairperson/director for the 2023 quilt show. The show will not go on without a director. Please seriously consider volunteering this important position. From experience, I can say that this is the best group of ladies to work with and they know how to put together a great show. Contact Anne if you are even thinking about it.

Please note that the time of our guild meetings for November through March will be at 10:30. Please note that there will be a gift exchange for those attending in December. The gift exchange will be a yard of fabric.

Take time to be reflect on your blessings this month. Happy Thanksgiving!

Penny Snyder, Newsletter Editor

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