Wow – it is October the leaves are turned and snow is falling in the high country. The past month has been quite a whirlwind for our guild.
What a fantastic quilt show we hosted. We might be small in number of members but we all know how to pull together and put on a top notch quilt show. It took all of us, our husbands,
families and friends to pull it all together but we did it. Everyone of you are the BEST! People from our area, region, and other areas of the nation came to see the lovely quilts that our guild members made over the past few years. We even had a visitor from England. Interest in the antique quilts was better than ever. At one time 40+ guests were listening to Diane Singer and/or Audrey Schwery present information on the antique quilts.
It is time to look toward the future now. There will be some important discussions taking place at our next meeting on October 19 meeting at the Chapel of the South Fork beginning at 10 am. The budget and disbursement of money raised during the quilt show will be discussed. If there are any other items to be added to the meeting agenda in October, please contact Anne Strong.
Of course, we cannot sit back and rest too much as we have already tentatively reserved the Creede Community Center for September 15-17, 2023. Yes, we will have another quilt show. Anne is diligently looking for people to step up and become co-chairs of the next show. If you are interested (even slightly thinking about it), contact her. Make her life easier and lower her stress level.
Volunteer! I can assure you that the members of this guild are the best to work with and get it done. If you have any ideas for the theme for the next quilt show, please send those ideas to Anne or bring those ideas to the guild meeting. Also needed are suggestions for categories for the next show.
In closing, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you for the support you gave me as we all worked together to host a beautiful quilt show that was enjoyed by many. As most of you know we had a few last minute challenges but oh how those lemons turned into lemonade. It really gave us many new and exciting ideas that we can build upon to make the next show even better.
Wishing you a very nice October.

Penny Snyder, Newsletter Editor

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