2016 Antique Quilts

Older quilts have a special legacy that we should all appreciate. Come nd join us at the far end of the cave, (where the Large quilts are hanging,) to learn more about our wonderful Quilt heritage. We have beautiful vintage quilts on display to hear about, as well as tips about storing and caring for any of the treasured quilts you may have.

2016 Antique Quilt Entries

Owner Maker Pattern
 Linda Woods Great-Grandmother Isabella Himes Sunbonnet Sue
 Karen Ferguson Elizabeth Jane (Byler) Davolt Broken Dishes
 Sheralyn Humble Sue Mitchell Bow Tie
 Janice Mae Torres Unknown Unknown
 Kathie Jones Unknown Unknown
 Ellen Boyles Husband’s Great-Grandmother Sunflower Stars
 Tricia MacDonald Flora Shields The United Hearts
 Tricia MacDonald Ada (Stewart) Carter Wedding Quilt
 Vi Koch Martha Freeman Grandmother’s Flower Garden
 Pat Miller Pat’s Mother (Ora Casey Holdsclaw) Wedding Ring
 Pat Miller Unknown Friendship
 Irene Garrett Mabel Garrett Unknown

If the entry number of the quilt has a “J” following the number, the entry has been judged.