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2016 Wall Quilts

Wall Quilts are 50 x 50 – The total measurement in inches of the quilt must not be any larger than 2500 square inches. The sleeve must be no smaller than 5 inches and attached to the top of the quilt.

2016 Wall Quilt Viewers Choice Winners

1st Place

Marcie Vitopil

2nd Place

Janice Mae Torres

3rd Place

Dawn Reitz

2016 Wall Quilt Judged Winners

1st Place

Vi Koch

2nd Place

Penny Snyder

3rd Place

Beverly Sandvik

2016 Wall Quilt Entries

Quilt Name Quilt Maker Quilted By
 301 Spring Time Audrey Schwery Audrey Schwery
 302 Silk Enchantment Joyce Osborn Joyce Osborn
 303 Floral Filigree Joyce Osborn Joyce Osborn
 304-J Love is in the Air Penny Snyder Penny Snyder
 305 A Walk Down Memory Lane Penny Snyder Penny Snyder
 306-J Quaking Aspen Marcie Vitopil Marcie Vitopil
 307-J El’s Kitchen (Christmas) Karen Ferguson Karen Ferguson
 308 Sharing the Season Karen Ferguson Karen Ferguson
 309-J Lollipops Vi Koch Diane Singer
 310 Floral Falls Kristin Steed Kristin Steed
 311-J Red and White Basket Kathy Jennings Kathy Jennings
 312 My Treasure Janice Mae Torres Diane Singer
 313 Standing Proud Janice Mae Torres Janice Mae Torres
 314-J Summer Chelsea Beverly Sandvik Diane Singer
 315-J Around and About Donna Skvarla Gail Bush
 316 Here Fishy, Fishy Sheralyn Humble Christine Yoder
 317 Americana Kathie Jones Kathy Jones
 319 Daimonds and Stars Beth Kendall Beth Kendall
 320-J Double Wedding Ring for Mom Beth Kendall Beth Kendall
 321-J The Guest Book Diane Singer Diane Singer
 322 Leaders and Enders Diane Singer Diane Singer
 323 Keys to Contentment Cheryl Feese Cheryl Feese
 324 Civil War Stars Cheryl Feese Cheryl Feese
 325-J Here Birdie, Birdie Dawn Reitz Dawn Reitz
 326 Hummingbird Dawn Reitz Dawn Reitz

If the entry number of the quilt has a “J” following the number, the entry has been judged.