2016 Large Quilts

Large Quilts are 120 x 120 – Neither the length nor the width may exceed 120 inches. The sleeve must be no smaller than 5 inches and it must be attached to the top of the quilt.

2016 Large Quilt Viewers Choice Winners

1st Place

Karen Ferguson

2nd Place

Sheralyn Humble

3rd Place

Beverly Sandvik

2016 Large Quilt Judged Winners

1st Place

Penny Snyder

2nd Place

Vi Koch

3rd Place

Kay Beatty

Honorable Mentions

Beverly Sandvik
Kathie Jones

2016 Large Quilt Entries

Quilt Name Quilt Maker Quilted By
 101-J Reflecting Love Knot Marcie Vitopil Marcie Vitopil
 102-J Gravity Penny Snyder Penny Snyder
103-J Quilts for all Seasons Karen Ferguson Diane Singer
 104-J Field of Tulips Vi Koch Anna Rowland
 105-J Haze Kilim Carolyn Flood Diane Singer
 106-J Flower Basket Kathy Jennings Kathy Jennings
 107-J Hawaiian Happiness Joan Jones Kathy Jennings
 108-J Millefiori Beverly Sandvik Diane Singer
 109-J Colorado Sunset Beverly Sandvik  Diane Singer
 110-J Log Cabin Bear’s Paw Tricia MacDonald Trisha MacDonald
 111-J A Great Fabric Stash Buster Sheralyn Humble Christine Yoder
 112 Baskets, Fruit and Flowers Sheralyn Humble Karen Nanos
 113-J Amazon Elephants Kay Beatty Pam Thompson
 114-J Star Log Cabin Anne Strong Anne Strong
 115 Drunkard’s Path Anne Strong Anne Strong
 116 Northern Lights Pat Miller Diane Singer
 117-J Not Quite Right Paige Miller Diane Singer
 118 Interwoven Rainbow Beth Kendall Beth Kendall
 119-J Strawberries and Cream Beth Kendall Beth Kendall
 120 Love for Mom Penny Snyder Penny Snyder
 121-J Colores of the Caribbean Diane Singer Diane Singer
 122 Jamestown Landing Diane Singer Diane Singer
 123-J Sweet Cakes with Charm Kathie Jones Sharon Reznik
 124 Turning Twenty Kathie Jones Jolene Neu
 125-J Round Robin Ellen Boyles Ellen Boyles
 126 Faceted Jewels Ellen Boyles Ellen Boyles
 127 Women’s Voices – A Civil War Quilt Cheryl Feese Cheryl Feese
 128 Back to Nature Cheryl Feese Cheryl Feese
 129-J Fall Leaves Dawn Reitz Dawn Reitz
 130 Illusions Dawn Reitz Dawn Reitz
 131 Valley Sea Star Charlotte Peacock SharonReznik

If the entry number of the quilt has a “J” following the number, the entry has been judged.