Happy 4th of July! For many of us, that means the summer is half over. I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as I have. Still have many things on my list to do this summer.
Please note that the guild meeting is the second Tuesday of July so that members can attend the Lake City Art Fair. South Fork will have an art fair on Wednesday (the day after the Lake City Fair). Hope you will take time to enjoy one or both of these events.
Please bring two potholders wrapped in one package to exchange to the July meeting. This has always been a fun time and opportunity to get a treasure from a fellow guild member. You will keep one potholder of your choice for yourself. The other potholder will be added to the items sold in the Treasure Trove at next year’s quilt show.
I have been the editor for the newsletter the past three years. I have enjoyed providing guild information to you each month but it is time to pass this responsibility on to Christa MacDonald. For
those who do not know Christa, she lives most of the time in Phoenix and works for GoDaddy, so computers are very much a part of her life. She had two entries in the quilt show last year and won
ribbons on both of her entries. Her mom, Tricia, is smiling in heaven knowing she is becoming an accomplished quilter. I trust you will give Christa the same support you have given me as the
newsletter editor. It will be very important that you get information you wish to have in the newsletter to Christa by the 25th of the month if at all possible. You can send information to her e-mail:

Happy Quilting

Penny Snyder, Newsletter Editor

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